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Quality & Customer Satisfaction

I have an extensive list of satisfied customers and as a family man who lives in a small community hold true to treating people with the way they would want to be treated as a customer and person investing in my professional services. Communication is key for me working with clients and needed deadlines. I pride myself on quality, confidentiality and customer satisfaction.


All repair work is done on-site here at my store Arlington, VT. Unlike other jewelry businesses who send their repair work out of the store for repair and service, I service all repairs on site. Every repair is completed to the customer’s utmost satisfaction and standards.

The most common repairs serviced here at Burnham Jewelers are rings and bracelets. These are items that typically receive to the most wear. One limitation I have is that I am not a watchmaker. I service watches with only minor repairs. I replace watch crystals, work with internal watch movements, refinish cases and restore antique timepieces. For any major mechanical movement repair needs, I work directly with a world-renown watchmaker to fulfill the client's repair need.

Antique Estate Jewelry Bought& Sold

A large portion of my designs are inspired from studying vintage pieces and art movements inclusive of art deco and art nouveau. As a result of this inspiration and study, I have collected a large number of unique estate pieces that include in my inventory and sell to my customers. 
I also have a strong network of professional jewelers who source unique antique and estate jewelry pieces on my behalf.

Transactions that take place with antique and estate jewelry can happen a number of different ways. Examples of transactions can be an working with an established trust; a client settling an estate, a bank or insurance company that may need specific appraisals on jewelry pieces needing to be sold or disposed of. I work the client to establish a fair price for the jewelry being sold. I strive for both parties to be happy with the sale and purchase of antique and estate jewelry.

A gift of thoughtfulness
is a gift of love

Creating a special piece for someone special is a unique and personal gesture of thoughtfulness and kindness. It can show a level of commitment, it can show that you care, it can reflect of personal touch you have towards another, it can also be just something unique and special just for you.

Whatever the reason may be, Burnham Jewelers is here to help create the vision you have always wanted. Burnham Jewelers helps you through concept to completion by listening to what you have in mind and developing upon the idea so that the final product execution is exactly what you have in mind.

Getting Started. Concept to Completion

At the initial inception of a custom design, I typically ask the customer if they have any ideas of what they are looking to have made. In most cases, this is done in secret and it's meant to be a surprise for the recipient. I work with the customer to decide what the piece is going to be together.

For example: Will it be an engagement ring? A bracelet? A pendant necklace? etc. If the customer is still unsure of what they are looking to have crafted, I help develop the idea along by educating the customer of what can be built and what options are available.

Once the final decision is made for what the piece will be, we then discuss what type of metal it will be made from. Metal examples are typically platinum, silver, gold and white gold. If the customer is interested in including special gemstones, I help educate the customer on the various types, sizes, and styles available.

Finally, the customer and I establish a budget and overall cost for the piece. We work together on the timing and final delivery of the product.

Custom Resources Available

• Unique one of a kind loose gemstone collection
• Wax moldings
• 3D Renderings
• Cast metal work
• Unique metal and wax sculpture work

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Whether it's a custom design you have always wanted to have builtto replacing a simple watch battery, Burnham Jewelers is hereto help and service your jewelry needs to the highest of standards.